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Sound design




As a passionate learner of design, I was curious about how sounds are used in logo design. After extensive research, I discovered Vital, a powerful visual wavetable synth that provided the ideal platform to experiment and create. I exclusively used Vital synth in this logo design to produce a unique and striking sound. Using accelerating pulses, I aimed to create a sense of momentum and movement that emulates a moving light. To match the accelerating light, I assigned a macro knob to the refresh rate of the LFO and modulated it with CC1 (modulation). The pulses transformed into a lush and warm pad at its maximum value. To enhance the luminous feeling, I assigned CC2 to various effects in Vital, making the sound brighter as it accelerates.


Although I had musical experience before, sound design content is new for me to explore. I enjoyed every step of learning it and I will incorporate it more in my future designs.

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